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About this Community
This community is for fans of the JKLand Global News which includes it's anchors, Fanny Disturbershyt and Fantina Rudencrude. New anchors and field reporters will be hired shortly and we will be expanding our reporting through the entire celebrity world! We look forward to chatting with all fans and hope to see you participating within the community!

Raised so far for Fanny's new site--$51.37 USD(does not count transaction fees)

Spent so far

--$22.50 USD (three months hosting)

--$26.10 USD (template purchase)

Remaining balance--$2.77 USD

Thanks to Stacy, Ruth, Michelle, Jubie, and Amy for donating!
Current Month
Aug. 2nd, 2004 @ 03:33 am It's nearly completed!

Check it out ya'll! I'm still adding the content but it is looking pretty good...

Just having trouble with finding the right banner...but other than that it's coming along very smoothly...should be able to have it finished by tomorrow night (tonight)...lol
Aug. 1st, 2004 @ 08:57 pm Thanks to Amy217666!
Her recent donation made it possible to purchase the site templates!!! Yay! The site was having a 10% off sale so I was able to purchase the one I wanted...I hope you all like my choice!

So in a few hours you should be able to hit the link and see all the new content! Depending of course on how long it takes me to do the customizing and such...

I also plan on setting up the message board tonight as well...hope to see you all there soon!
Jul. 31st, 2004 @ 03:09 pm Another Update

Update...Collapse )


What do you all think of having a message board and chat included? Do you think it is necessary? What I am thinking is maybe by December 12th....since we all know what will take place on that date...it might be a good idea to have an MB and chat available...
Jul. 29th, 2004 @ 10:41 pm (no subject)
OK....now I'm actually having a bit of fun with this....

I know what I'm doing now which is a very good thing...the link is now active and I have a front page up...just to let everyone know that I am still building...

Now all I have to do is either purchase a pre-made site and edit the content....or build the entire site from scratch...I have a pretty good HTML editor but I think it may be a trial run...but I hope not...the reason I'd rather purchase pre-made templates is that they are nicer looking...as you can see from the page I have up there now...it is pretty basic...I can add a navigation bar and all that shit...tables...what have you....but to me it just looks plain...

And I have yet to figure out how to do the subdomain thing...it's probably easier than I think....most things are...but it is a learning experience you can be sure...

Anyway....going to go on another hunt of the internet for cheap templates...I still plan on going with the other but we will see...maybe I can find something cheaper and easier to use...
Jul. 29th, 2004 @ 01:52 am Another update!
OK.....so I think I am finally getting the hang of this ftp thing...the url (http://www.jklandglobalnews.com) was active but then it said I wasn't allowed access for some unknown reason...it's buggered I think...

I discovered a good template site with cool flash intros...only $29.95/year...so once a few more donations come in I can get that taken care of...

I'm going to send out a report to everyone who donated so you can all see where the pennies are going...

I think that's it for now....I'm going to bed...I feel like death...
Jul. 27th, 2004 @ 05:29 pm Update on the website!
Anyone know anything about making websites from scratch? I'm near out of my mind...why didn't I find someone who has premade templates?

Anyone want to make a template for me? lol....

All this means that it may be another week or so before the site is up...I'll have to purchase a template if I'm going to survive this...lol

But I hope to work on a few reports so they'll be ready when I figure out how to get the damn site up...

I'll keep everyone posted!
Jul. 24th, 2004 @ 06:02 pm Keeping fingers crossed!
To donate through paypal...go to

Jul. 24th, 2004 @ 04:41 am New Field Reporter!
Hey, hey JKLand...I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jazzy Fantastic and I'll be bringing it live from NYC on every edition of the JKLand Global News!

See you all very soon!
Jul. 24th, 2004 @ 12:51 am Listen up bitches!
Current Mood: irritatedirritated
We are experiencing some technical difficulties getting the new website up and running! They are not accepting Jdot's credit card as payment so we may have to take an alternate route...

If you would like to help out in any way such as donating so we can pay for the setup with paypal...please leave your email and the ammount you wish to donate...we need $30 American in total to pay for a year's domain and one month of service for the website itself...

Otherwise...Jdot will be bald by Monday from all the hair pulling she's been doing...
Jul. 22nd, 2004 @ 04:41 pm Donations accepted soon!
AS a lot of you know I am unemployed...and I want to give Fanny a proper website....but it costs money so I will be accepting donations soon through Paypal....if you are interested, leave me a pm over at jk.com and leave your email addy or email me at fanny_disturbershyt@hotmail.com....or if you want the whole world to know your email...post it here...